Joseph M Gates Memorial Scholarship

The Colorado Claims Association offers the chance to insurance industry professionals for their sons, daughters, stepsons & stepdaughters who will be incoming college freshmen Fall 2018 to submit their essay for scholarship consideration. Three scholarships were given away in 2017!

The 2018 topic is:

Blockchain technology has been in the news a great deal as an emerging innovation that will transform how many industries conduct business in the future. Most people have heard of blockchain technology as it is used in Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. The insurance industry is expected to be one of the heaviest users of this technology, through the use of ‘smart contracts’ that can be run in a blockchain. Discuss some ways that you believe this technology will be used to change the way insurance companies do business.

Essay Requirements

  • Minimum 500 words
  • Double spaced with footnotes and references
  • The following documents must be submitted by 08/31/2018 for consideration:
    1. Cover letter applying for the Scholarship outlining who your sponsor is (person in the industry)
    2. Essay
    3. High School Transcript
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